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Fresh Flower Care Tips

Awsome! You just recieved a beautiful fresh flower arrangment!... Now what?

Here are some general tips for helping your fresh flowers to live their longest, happiest life.

  • Keep your flowers under cool conditions. This will help them last much longer.
  • Keep your flowers away from areas where wind, drafts, or extreme temperatures are present.
  • Keep your flowers away from fruits and cigarette smoke that contain a gas harmful to the flowers.
  • Keep your flowers out of areas where full sun is present, such as windows.

Staying Fresh

  • Ensure that the vase is always filled with fresh, clean water. If your flowers are in a container with floral foam, make sure to add fresh water daily.
  • Remove any dead or wilting parts of your arrangment as soon as you notice them.
  • If the water in the vase is discolored or cloudy, then the water needs to be replaced.

Changing the Water in a Vase

  1. Remove any flowers that are either dead or dying, and carfully remove your arrangment from the vase.
  2. Clean your vase with warm soapy water. Make sure that you very thouroughly rinse the vase out after washing, so that no soap or residue is left behind.
  3. Give the stems of your arrangment a fresh cut. Cutting the stems at an angle is best.
  4. Add fresh clean water to your vase. Add in a packet of fresh flower food if you have it.
  5. Place your flowers back into the vase and continue to enjoy their beauty!
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