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Corsages are worn for weddings, proms, formal events, semi-formal occasions, memorials, graduation and any occasion that is significant. The corsage will identify you in a group, it will show a persons convictions, it honors someone and it will also compliment the attire as a fashion accessory. Whatever the event, a corsage will add a special touch. 

We offer 3 different types of corsages for you to choose from. We have our Traditional Corsage, which is attached to either an elastic or a diamond band.  We have our Metal Band Corsage, that is built on top of either a gold or silver bracelet. The third option is our Petite Ribbon Corsage. This corsage is built on top of a comfortable piece of faux leather and is attached to a pretty ribbon that will wrap around your wrist. This type of corsage has an added bonus of being comfortable and easily can be worn by anyone regardless of their age or size. 

Regardless of which corsage you decide to go with, we will customize the corsage just for you.

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